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You Are Invited To Join Our Powerful Line-Up Of National Investing Speakers & Panelists on January 24, 25 & 26, 2019  Richmond, VA!!

Accelerate your deal flow, Shortcut your success path and increase your cash flow this year!!

Dear Investing Friend,

Are you looking for true freedom?

Are you ready to travel more, spend more time with your family, create true income & wealth all while reducing your financial stress points?

This event will help you do your first deal, scale your investing business, invest strategically with ninja tax concepts and create wealth.

  • Learn new ways to add monthly cash flow  and reduce your tax burden
  • How to do your first deal and scale your investing business 
  • Take relational capital and your network to the next level
  • Learn true creative real estate deal structuring
  • How to find off market deals without relying on the MLS
  • How to build your rental portfolio the right way
  • Investing in notes and creating seller financing
  • Take advantage of the brand-new tax plan!

Without needing a bank, your own money or great credit…

If you are looking to Invest like a pro, do deals with Other Peoples Money, find your own off-market deals and create great returns then this is a Must-Attend Event!

I have spent tons of time and called-in many friends and experts to bring you just the right combination of powerful speakers, panelist driven strategy sessions  and powerful networking opportunities to help you succeed massively!

We have incredible speakers who love to teach pure investing strategies that will provide you
with an intense, yet very rewarding event!

This event is strictly limited to 90 total Attendees!
Register NOW to reserve your seat so you do not miss the opportunity!

This is the #1 Must-Attend Event to help you create the right strategies to buy the right houses, for the right prices and using creative ideas without needing your own money, not putting your personal credit at risk and creating cash flow and profits that can last a lifetime!

Jim Ingersoll

Boot Camp Host, Author and Entrepreneur

“Jim Ingersoll’s boot camps have made a profound impact on my investing business.  The network of people combined with the strategies has allowed me to increase deal flow and profits of my investing business”     


Now is the time to get the inside scoop on the best kept investing secrets!  Here is some of what you will learn at this event.

  • How to take your investing efforts to the next level and Create True Freedom!
  • How to build a network that allows you to do the deals you want to do and fund them the right way!
  • How to do your 1st deal or increase your deal volume

Sessions include:

  1. Investing in tax-free accounts with H. Quincy Long 
  2. How to stop worrying about the IRS with John Hyre
  3. Why Private Lenders need your deal flow with Dr David Phelps
  4. Joint Venture Wholesaling with the amazing Connor Steinbrook
  5. Marketing magic for motivated sellers with the awesome Kathy Kennebrook
  6. Airbnb strategies to jump start cash flow with Al Williamson
  7. Tax-free investing stragies with Super Q – Quincy Long
  8. Affordable housing solutions for investors with Walter Wofford
  9. Leverage assets and your network to find true freedom with David Phelps
  10. Automation systems for growing your investing business with Rich Lennon


H Quincy Long

Walter Wolford

Max Maxwell

Al Williamson

Kevin Stroup

Kathy Kennebrook

Jeffrey Taylor

Tom Olson

You will LOVE the Expert Panelist we have set up to help you on your deals, investments and overall business model.  We have panels set up to answer your specific questions and share how to get you to YOUR NEXT LEVEL!  You will love this mastermind approach to help you SUCCEED Big Time!  The panelists & speakers are committed to helping you!  You will be shown the path to financial freedom, lifetime cash flow and true wealth building that lasts to your next generation!

This event  will blow your socks off and take you to the next level!

Imagine sitting face to face with national experts and getting all your questions answered! That is the power of EXPERT Panels!

Hit the red button below and get registered to join us January 24, 25 & 26, 2019 in Richmond, VA for an incredible opportunity at this 3-day Boot Camp!

Also included at this boot camp to maximize your investing future:

Property Management tips, tricks and secrets to take a way the hassle and allow you to focus on your net cash flow instead of the problems of your tenants.  Jeffrey Taylor, Mr. Landlord, is our special instructor on this segment and he will blow you away with simple, easy to implement steps to easy property management.

How to establish private lending relationships and also how to become a private lender.  Quincy Long, Dr. David Phelps and Jim Ingersoll will be providing content on the right way to loan money and protect all involved.  They will cover debt financing, equity financing and JV real estate deals.

How to establish a financial friends network so you can contact private lenders and close deals fast and easy

How to buy houses with seller financing AND how to sell your houses with seller financing.  Walter Wofford will blow your mind on this strategy!

Who is this event for:

  • Active investors – Do you live and breathe real estate, deals and cash flow?  You are perfect for this event
  • Newbies – Are you ready to implement the right strategy and take action now?  You are perfect for this event!
  • Wholesalers, Realtors, Flippers – Already doing a few deals and ready to do a higher volume of deals w/o your own money, credit or a bank?  You are perfect for this event!
  • Landlords – Looking to increase your portfolio of cash-spitting rental properties but need help with systems?  You are perfect!
  • FINANCIAL FRIENDS – Are you looking for private lenders?  Make a list of people that you know personally who could benefit from working with you on real estate deals and INVITE them to this event as your guest.  The very easiest way to create private lenders for your own deals is to educate people on how the whole thing works.  Once they see how safe and secure real estate is along with the upside double-digit returns you can easily partner with the people you bring to this event.
  • FINANCIAL INVESTORS  –  Many people are tired of earning less than the inflation rate in certificate of deposits.  Invest in yourself and see how you can invest your retirement into real estate and create double-digit returns safely!  Kiss your CD’s, stocks, bonds and mutual funds to the curb and learn to participate in some real estate deals.

Who is this event NOT for:

  • Get RICH FAST – There is not a magic button to push and get rich fast!
  • Lottery Tickets – If you are the type to rely on lottery tickets or another kind of hand-out this is not for you!  We want like-minded action taking investors focused on creating their own futures!

Think you need money and great credit to invest?
Think again & learn the new strategies to set you FREE!

NOW is the time to learn to create cash flow and equity that can stretch to the next generation!  Are you ready to buy houses off-market, for the right price, with the right strategy?  Claim your seat and register now to join us for 3 jam packed days that will be very rewarding for your future!

What do you need? Everyone has a different starting point…

  • Are you looking to supplement your income?
  • Get rid of your job?
  • Get out of debt?
  • Freedom from trading so many hours for dollars?
  • A big boost to get ready for retirement or fast action savings for your kids college?
  • Yes! Jim, I want to invest in my Investing Business! Sign me up for the next 3-day Boot Camp
    (January 24, 25 & 26, 2019  in Richmond, VA)

There is a VERY heavy emphasis on buying and investing without needing bank mortgages.  Learn to unlock private capital and SCORE the great pay-days that you deserve when you learn to create and structure the right real estate deals.

Friend this is the best way to learn to invest the right way…  making the best deals in today’s market!

What if I told you that you could try it without any risk at all?

100% Refund guarantee –  You will receive the Income Producing and Wealth Building strategies you can implement asap!

We have a system that creates the  income streams that can help you right away. Use them and build your own wealth & cash flow.

If you are NOT 100% satisfied I will refund your registration fee with No Questions asked!  I offer this guarantee at every event and NO one has ever requested it!

Still not quite convinced?

Here’s Why You Should register now:

  • Discover How You Can Profit Today without using your own money to create & structure deals that work
  • How to increase your cash flow with notes & affordable housing solutions
  • New strategies and lead generation for finding your own off-market deals
  • How to advance your cash flow with new strategies to create a portfolio of cash flow producing assets!
  • How to buy all the houses you want without needing banks, credit or cash!
  • How to Identify the Opportunities and then Structure and Negotiate Winning Deals that give you a short-cut to cash flow
  • How to invest in real estate for your retirement without needing stocks, bonds, mutual funds and CDs

To Your Success (and I look forward to meeting you at this event)

Jim Ingersoll – Your host, author and real estate entrepreneur

p.s. Registering now ensures you are getting the lowest price possible and secures your seat before this event sells out completely!

p.s.s. Let’s get real now!  I don’t want you to look back a year from now and wonder how much you could have improved your future by attending this event!  I am only looking for action takers looking to invest the right way and right now!  If you’re a tire kicker, not ready, willing and able to take action for your own future….. then I would recommend you stay at home from this limited seating event.

However, if you are ready to move forward, learn from the very best and implement strategies that lead to a great life ahead, then I urge you to registered right now by clicking on the green button below!

Schedule Details
Each day starts at 8:30 am.

 Day 1 – How to accelerate your income streams in 2019

  • The power of lifetime cash flow  – Jim Ingersoll
  • How to apply leverage in your real estate deals – H. Quincy Long
  • How to do your first deal & scale your business – Max Maxwell
  • Wholesaling and off market deals Mastermind break out session
  • Passive investing in assets for cash flow – Dr David Phelps
  • Systems to make being a landlord as easy & enjoyable as eating a piece of pie – Jeffrey Taylor

Watch for the info on our incredible networking party on the 1st night

Day 2 – Taking cash flow to the next level.

  • Intro – Jim Ingersoll
  • How to unlock new sources of private capital – H. Quincy Long
  • How to find tons of motivated sellers with direct marketing – Kathy Kennebrook
  • Affordable housing strategies that increase home ownership with notes – Walter Wofford
  • Legacy building for your future generations – Panel
  • Crank up your cash flow with Short-Term rentals and corporate housing solutions – Al Williamson
  • Financial secrets for investing for your Health Savings and Educational Savings using leveraged investing strategies
  • Wealth building mastermind

Day 3 – Pulling it all together

  • How to structure juicy deals with tons of cash flow & equity for all participants – Jim Ingersoll
  • Social media leverage – Connor Steinbrook
  • Doing the Due.  How to do your Due Diligence – H. Quincy Long
  • The magic of seller financing – Jim Ingersoll
  • Pulling it together to maximize cash flow – Tax Strategies, Strong Cash Flow and Equity