“At the VERY TOP of the educational experiences I’ve ever had was Jim Ingersoll’s Boot Camp this weekend in Richmond, Va! I’ve been working with Jim Ingersoll as my real estate investing coach, and he brought in fellow experts David & Kandace Phelps, and John Groom, CPA for the event. Such great and generous people! I didn’t know an event could be so good!”

Peter Gorsuch

“Jim Ingersoll’s Coaching helped me structure creative financing with a self-directed IRA to fix up and flip a house, and it really worked….my FIRST DEAL made me $105,000 and I can’t wait to do this again!  I highly recommend Jim to everyone.”

Brian Benson

“Did you ever wonder how the aristocracy in this country created tax free living shelters for their families? How the “Rich People” live tax free? Well, you can invest not only for yourself– but for your family (ascendants or descendants)! This is just one of the things I learned from Jim Ingersoll this weekend!!”

Jason Bhattachrya

“Jim Ingersoll’s boot camp and coaching helped me crack the “Da Vinci code.”  Immediately after this last event I put a house under contract and created a very nice payday for myself”

Rose Ramos

“Jim, Your boot camp inspired me and I am looking forward to an awesome future! Thanks for all the wonderful eye opening info! What you gentlemen have provided is a step by step way to fire the banks and build financial freedom! The practical way it was presented was easy to understand, no smoke and mirrors, no get rich quick scheme, just a solid and sensible way to invest in real estate that works!”

Kimberly Stewart

“Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this incredible event. I learned a ton and met  great people.”

Faisal Qureshi

“The networking at these boot camps is priceless”

Kevin Thomas, Liberty Capital Partner

“Because of the opportunities created by the current economic chaos and the knowledge and experience gained over the years, I could rebuild my entire net worth all over again in 5 years or less.”

David Phelps

“Just wanted to let you know we signed a sales contract for $206,000 this afternoon. That gave us a $37,728 joint venture profit. We owe a great deal to you.

“Jim, your coaching provided me with the direction that we put into action, resulting in a tremendous success!  I am very fortunate to have made your acquaintance to which I say THANK YOU.”

Chris Mattingly

“What a 2-day event, awesome teachers & eager learners ready to implement new real estate deal structuring concepts, creative financing strategies, and impressive ways to increase your retirement nest egg. Oh yeah, and eliminate the banks from your investing deals.”

Mark Orr

“I don’t want to get to the end of this current real estate cycle, look back & wish I had bought more houses.”

Daniil Kleyman

“Jim’s boot camp motivated us and now we are putting in offers on two rental properties today! Getting this party started!”

Barbara Thomas

“As a real estate veteran of over 30 years, experiencing every kind of real estate cycle, I can confidently state that the only option for moving forward successfully today is with private money joint ventures. The information that  Jim has put together makes it possible to invest in the real estate bargains of the century, safely, and without the banks. For me, there’s no other way.”

Scott Britton

“Jim Ingersoll can be trusted to tell the truth…the educated truth.  He has integrity and ethics and are genuine and sincere. He reminded me of the IRA laws that cannot be violated, but outside of that, I am only limited by my own creativity.I  The faster and better we build, the more we have for ourselves and our families in retirement without the burden of taxes and not be dependent on anyone else.  That is true FREEDOM!    Jim, I’m glad to know you and be associated with you.”

Lisa Hakanson, Gilroy, CA

“Jim, thank you again for putting this weekend together. It was a great learning opportunity”

Mathew Starr

“Ralph and I really enjoyed the Book Camp. . Can’t wait to start working on some creative deals!”

Marty Vaughn

“Awesome learning from you over the weekend! This week we plan on implementing what was taught we will certainly keep you and others posted!”

Chuck Coleman

“Such a powerful boot camp weekend for me and I’m sure everyone else who attended agrees. Looking forward to working with all my new financial friends!”

Patricia Bowler

“Investing systems in a box. I have the concepts and the instructions. There is only one variable and he is in the mirror… thanks”

Gavin Huffman, Charlottesville, VA

“Finally, The Ultimate…#1 World’s Best …
Most Complete…Finding Deals, Funding Deals, Creating Deals, Flipping Houses, Secret Strategies, Training, Relationship Building & Mastermind  Live Event!”